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Md Shariqq - The Crazy Developer

I’m Successful Because i Learn and Do Experiments on My Life, Which Gives me a Success or a Lesson “Learning is Key to Success”!

What do I do? and What are My Businesses


Web Developing is my Primary Business, I develop websites for my Clients All Over the India.

In fact I’m the Owner and CEO of MDMASH.COM – The Groups of Best and Professional Web Developers from India!

I Started this Business in 2016, and Now it has grown so much in my State Telangana!


What I have Learnt in My Life and what i Experienced, I write it down in the Form of “BOOKS”

So people  like me who think to be Successful, they can Learn something from My Books.

In fact I write books On my Life, Web Developing, Businesses, and some other Categories.

Internet Marketing

As you Know I have been on the Internet since 2015, I have Learned many things in my journey form Websites to Blogging and Marketing Online.

I Made my business Successful Because I know Internet Marketing very Well. I took me some Time, But Anyhow i’m Perfect in This!

Other Platforms

The above three are my main work which i do in my life daily, but apart from them i got some other stuff like,

  • YouTube Channel
  • Professional Blogger
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Designing Stuff's

"From The Childhood, I Always Wanted to be My Own Boss
I hate Working for Others as their Slaves (Employees)
Because we work for Others and Earn some Money
Well the same work you can do by yourself and Earn the Full Profit"

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